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20 May

The Australian. Taxpayers will foot the legal bills for a rehearing of a family law case involving two special needs children after a judge’s gross… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

24 Sep

Doctors have been warned by the courts to stop giving teenagers irreversible transgender hormones that potentially sterilise them without first checking that both parents… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

10 Aug

Child protection advocates fear the coronavirus pandemic is permanently damaging the relationship between thousands of Victorian parents and children, creating a “COVID generation” of… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

22 Feb

The Family Court Chief Justice is at odds with two of his colleagues as to whether a judge and barrister who met for drinks… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

01 Feb

Family courts at breaking point as Chief Justice Will Alstergren admits parents face ‘unacceptable delays’ The chief justice of the Family Court says some parents… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

04 Dec

The Family Court is to unveil landmark reforms aimed at ident­ifying families most at risk from domestic violence, child abuse and drug and alcohol… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

01 Jan

Surge in deaths of frail kids a mystery, The Australian The highest increase in child deaths was recorded in the general illness category which includes… Facebook Twitter LinkedIn